Physical Characteristics Of Spider Monkeys

The main focus of this page is to study the physical characteristics of Spider monkeys. The spider monkeys of the new world, which is the Western hemisphere; especially in the continents of North and South America are more ancient than old world, which consist of the Eastern hemisphere; Australia, Africa, Eurasia and associated lands. Their brains are found to be less complex. They have slender bodies and limbs with long narrow hands. Their nostrils are further apart and the thumbs are not opposable. Read on to know more on the physiology of Spider monkeys and what they look like.

Spider monkeys are found to be the biggest and largest among the New World monkeys. The Black-headed Spider Monkeys, is the largest of the spider monkeys. It has an average weight of around 11 kg for males and 10 kg for females. Their name “spider” has been inspired by the disproportionately long, spindly limbs. Their skillful prehensile tails can be up to 89 cm long. These tails are very flexible and have hairless tips. The skin on these tips has grooves similar to fingerprints. This adaptation of physiology of Spider monkeys serves as a fifth hand.

Getting on with more details on the physical characteristics of Spider monkeys, when you see the spider monkey walk, you will notice its arms practically dragging on the ground. Surprisingly, like most monkeys, they do not use their arms for balancing. Instead, they are seen more to rely on their tail. Their hands are long, narrow and like hooks, but they have no thumbs. The fingers are extended and re-curved. The tail is sometimes longer than the body. When the animal stands or walks on two feet, it uses the tail to hold on to a support. In the wild, the Spider monkeys hardly ever come down to the jungle floor. When they swing by the tail, their hands are free to gather food. Swift and acrobatic, these Spider monkeys glide through the trees, with strides covering up to 40 feet.

The hair is rough and ranges in color from brown and black. The hands and feet typically black in color. They have small heads with hairless faces. The nostrils are very far apart, which is a distinguishing feature of spider monkeys Before concluding this articles on physical characteristics of Spider monkeys, it is important to mention that these monkeys are very agile and quick and are said to be second only to the gibbons in this respect.