Reproduction in Spider Monkeys

Spider monkeys breed all year round. However births are generally spaced three years. Read on to gather more info on reproduction in Spider monkeys.

The adult coloration is reached at the end of infancy period. But the adult will not start manifesting itself until it is 5 months old. It is seen that juveniles, who are about 24 to 50 months old will still stay close to their mother, but they are never seen riding on their mother's back. Their main time is spent on exploring chasing, and jumping on others Playing with others of their same age or with adults, they are slowly trying to find their independence. While studying the reproduction and growth in Spider monkeys, is seen that the female selects a male from her group with whom to mate. A female spider monkey is able to give birth when she is 4 to 5 years old. The time intervals between two births can be17 to 45 months. The males become sexually mature at the age of 5 years. Sniffing their mates to check for their readiness, both males and females go for copulation. This process of sniffing and checking is known as “anogenital sniffing”.

The gestation period in the reproduction process in Spider monkeys can range from 200 to 232 days. Each female gives birth to only one baby on average, every 3 to 4 years. But sometimes, twin births are also possible. The mother will take care of the baby monkey for two years. The baby monkey is entirely black.

The mother is seen carrying her infant around her stomach for the first month after birth. Then she starts carrying it on her lower back. Wrapping its tail around its mother’s the infant tightly takes hold of her middle. The mother spider monkeys are generally very protective and caring mothers. While jumping from tree to tree, it is common to see these young mothers grabbing their young and putting them on their backs for protection. They are also seen grooming their young. The baby will be dependent on its mother’s milk for 2 years. Males are not involved in raising the offspring.

When the baby reaches age two, it will stay near his mother, but will be independent enough to carry himself. We hope the above article on reproduction in Spider monkeys has been informational.