Are Spider Monkeys Endangered?

Are Spider monkeys endangered? Well, there are many diverse species of Spider Monkeys, and each kind has its own risk level due to different environmental factors. Their general lifespan in the wild is about 27 years and around 33 years in captivity. Read on to know more on endangered species of Spider monkeys on this page.

Spider monkeys have been severely hunted throughout their range as they are considered good to eat because of their large body size. As they are noisy and always travel in big troops, they are easy to locate. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see spider monkeys often extinct in areas easily reachable by people.

There are many reasons behind the endangered Spider monkeys. Habitat destruction, particularly logging, destroys the tall trees that they depend upon for their food and habitat. The destruction of rainforests has aggravated the disappearance of spider monkeys. Plus, there is also a lucrative pet trade. They are also weak and defenseless due to their low maturation and reproduction rates.

Today, Spider monkeys are fast turning into an endangered species. And sadly, man is their greatest enemy. Besides destroying their habitat, man is also responsible for hunting them down to eat their meat and also drag these glorious animals into the lucrative pet trade.

Three of the endangered species of Spider monkeys are the white-bellied spider monkey, brown-headed spider monkey, and white- whiskered spider monkey. USESA or IUCN has listed them as Endangered, which means that these species may go extinct in the wild within the coming 20 years or so. Their population is estimated to be les than 2,000 in isolated pockets. Other species of spider monkeys are also being subjected to varying degrees of loss of habitat.

Today, the spider monkey is looked upon as critically endangered. Facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild in the near future, due to the hunting and habitat destruction, by humans, it is only the combined human effort that can prevent these endangered Spider monkeys from getting extinct.