Feeding Habits Of Spider Monkeys

The study of the feeding habits of Spider monkeys reveals then as fruigivorous. This means that the diet of Spider monkeys consists of 90% fruit and seeds. They can live for long time eating only one or two kinds of fruits and nuts. Let us look into the eating habits of Spider monkeys in this article.

As mentioned earlier, the main food of spider monkeys is made up of fruits and nuts. They eat the mature soft parts of a wide variety of fruits. The seeds of these fruits are swallowed along with the fruit. They also gorge on young leaves, flowers and aerial roots. Sometimes, bark and decaying wood, as well as honey also make part of the diet of Spider monkeys. However, a very small part of the Spider monkeys food also consists of insects, insect larvae and bird’s eggs.

They tend to eat large amount of food in a fairly short period of time. Feeding them while hanging, climbing or moving, they do not carry fruit or food to another place to be eaten. The forage route for the group is often determined by the lead female. But if the food gets scarce, they tend to divide into smaller groups.

Studies show the eating habits of Spider monkeys changes their reproductive, social, and physical behavioral patterns. Most feeding is done during early morning to 10 am. Once that is over, the adults take a rest while the young play. Throughout the rest of the day they are seen feeding infrequently until around 10 pm.

While discussing the feeding habits of Spider monkeys, they have an inimitable style of getting food. With the responsibility for the food on the female, if she is not able to find enough food for the group, the group breaks into smaller sub groups of four to nine animals. Each group the gets closely associated with its territory and spreads out.

Spider monkeys in the Zoo are fed on different fruits like apples, oranges, celery, bananas, as well as lettuce, carrots, monkey chow, dog chow, wheat bread. We hope you found the above article on the Spider monkeys feeding habits informational.