Interesting Facts About Spider Monkeys

Dwelling in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America, as well as in North Mexico, the spider monkeys prefer to stay in wet forests rather than dry regions. Having slender bodies with less complex brain, read on to know some interesting facts about Spider monkeys.

Interesting Spider Monkey Facts

1. Their Name Spider monkeys are seen hanging onto separate branches of the trees using all of their four limbs and the tail as well, thus giving them a spider like appearance. This is why these monkeys are called spider monkeys.

2. Have a Tail as a Fifth Hand Spider monkeys have a prehensile tail which helps them to move from branch to branch. Muscular and tactile, this tail is used by the monkey as a fifth hand to hang from the branches, which leaves their hands free for food collection.

3. Physical Appearance Another of the interesting facts about Spider monkeys is that although they are found mostly in black, they are also seen in colors like brown, red, golden, buff, etc. Some of the spider monkeys have white chin whiskers and flesh colored rings around their eyes.

4. Spider Monkey's Diet As the diet and food of spider monkeys mainly consist of 90% fruit, nuts, seeds, insects and birds eggs, these monkeys are believed to play an important role in spreading seeds of different plants throughout the rainforests of South America.

5. Fore and Hind Limbs The fore and hind limbs of spider monkeys are quite long and have hooked-shaped hands due to the absence of thumbs, which give them a powerful hold on the branches.

6. Female-Male Spider monkeys Both the male and female spider monkeys look more or less the same. However, the females are slightly larger in size than the males and usually outnumber the males in the troops.

7. Communication Spider monkeys are quite noisy. They send forth a variety of loud calls which are easy to hear for about 1000m on the ground and 2000m above the canopy. These loud calls and screeches are used to alert members of the troop.

As some more facts about Spider monkeys, it is important to mention the different species in them which are- woolly spider monkey ,Columbian black spider monkey, white-cheeked spider monkey, brown-headed spider monkey, Peruvian spider monkey, ornate spider monkey, Mexican spider monkey, hooded spider monkey, black-headed spider monkey, red-faced spider monkey, white-whiskered spider monkey, white-bellied spider monkey, etc. The woolly spider monkeys are the largest primate in the United States.